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Juvaris Beotherapeutics, Inc.

Mechanism of Action

Juvaris' leading product, JVRS-100, is a cationic lipid-DNA complex. The liposome structure facilitates entry into dendritic cells and macrophages, allows retention in the endosomal compartment, and the associated DNA activates toll-like receptors (TLR) and cytosolic interferon induction pathways. Gene array studies with JVRS-100 show up-regulation of multiple immune response pathways compared to competing technologies. When combined with a vaccine antigen, JVRS-100 stimulates the adaptive immune response including specific antibodies and T-cell responses. The immune responses generated are many fold higher than seen with the vaccine antigen alone or vaccines given with other adjuvants. As a stand-alone treatment, JVRS-100 activation of innate immunity results in strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects, as well as anti-tumor activity. JVRS-100 alone, or as a vaccine adjuvant, has demonstrated effectiveness when administered by parenteral injection (i.e., intramuscular, subcutaneous) and mucosal (i.e., oral, intranasal) routes. Impressive preclinical results have been obtained in a multitude of infectious diseases (e.g., viral and bacterial) and in multiple species.

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