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Juvaris Beotherapeutics, Inc.


  • JVRS-100 induces profound induction of innate immunity via stimulation of both toll-like receptors and cytosolic interferon induction pathways.

  • JVRS-100 provides greater immune stimulation than known immune stimulants, increasing induction of TH1 cytokines and natural killer (NK) cells.

  • Demonstrated in vivo efficacy in viral, bacterial and cancer models, in multiple animal species including primates.

Cationic lipids are formulated with non-coding plasmid DNA to create JVRS-100, which is in development as a systemically administered immunotherapeutic in infectious disease and cancer applications in both human health and animal health applications. JVRS-100 has been shown to be more potent at triggering innate immune activation, i.e., cytokines and NK cells, and interferon release than current immune stimulants.

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